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Deydra Baptiste is the founder of État Noir, Fulstak Diverse Digital Marketing and Faisons Maison: a production company, digital marketing agency, and music management and production firm, respectively. All focused on inclusive high-quality original content and music. The goal of each of her creative endeavors is to influence measurable results using effective and strategic messaging, story-building and campaigning.


Together with her creative professional teams, she  is devoted to bringing underrepresented stories to wide audiences with a goal of measurable societal change. She has over 15 years of experience in the arts and entertainment sectors with extensive practical experience with digital creative strategies and music business management and production. She is a graduate of the University of Western Ontario with a degree in Political Science and a Diploma from Harris Institute for the Arts. 


“As a society and arts sector we need to be focused on telling and sharing all of our stories vs. one upping one another. We need to cultivate a collective consciousness that thrives on equality, inclusivity and a tapestry of many perspectives. There is a lot of work to do, and my teams and I are devoted to doing it. We aren’t out here trying to change one mind, we are trying to change the world”


As a documentarian, her debut project is 'The Black Academy'--an anthology of truths gathered from BIPOC women academics and creatives. As a member of the Story Money Impact community Deydra has a main line to tools, community and training that empowers her to be an effective Impact Producer: a still emerging role in the arts that involves stewarding creative projects with a social impact in a way that maximizes reach, connects with a wide audiences and inspires tangible calls to action.

// The collective at État Noir is comprised of an incredible group of creatives who are freelancers in their own right. Together we work as a well-oiled creative machine, developing your project from conception to realization and everything in between and beyond. You'll have everything you need under one roof as we help you manifest your vision + build an impact campaign to support it.

Deydra Baptiste

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